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After meeting Debbie, Carter and Leslie last week – I got to thinking.

What is it that makes us so comfortable with each other when we met for the first time?

What is it that makes it feel like we are coming home when we get together?

What is it that makes us so happy just to know that there are others out there that care?

What makes a woman, this is you puschl , bringing her two young daughters to another country just to visit someone they have NEVER met, but have talked to over the internet?

What makes another woman come across the country to be with another Adam fan to go see his concert – whom again, they have never met?

What makes a woman come to visit someone she has NEVER even talked to on the phone, but has shared so many emails?

What makes a woman come to a hotel room to meet a family that is there on vacation?

What makes a woman drive on the 401 for the first time, by herself (you were very brave Debbie), to meet a woman that came up to see her mom?

What makes a woman meet strangers in the Toronto mall – just to share a dinner with them?

These are questions that I have been thinking about over the past two years, ever since I set foot in AO. I am sure each of you has your own anwers or similar stories!

It’s hard to answer these questions really – because maybe there is no RIGHT answer here. We all came to AO because of Adam – to seek out WHY he was such a great singer, to see his videos, to read more about him – to just get to “know” him!

Did we EVER think we would find friendship along the way? No of course not. How could we?Most of us had never even been on a fan site before – we were new, this was uncharted territory, it was scary! Some of us didn’t even post on the threads – we lurked. Not posting, just reading, was our way of being “safe”. We wouldn’t make a fool of ourselves – no one would know us, we were hidden!

But was that enough? We saw so many people on threads answering , having fun – the Concert thread was one, that maybe, just maybe someday , somehow we should actually take part and ANSWER someone? Should we take that “leap” and go from “lurker” to “poster”? Would they accept what we had to say? Would we be OK?

The world of the internet is such a scary, crazy place to be. You hear it all the time – on the radio , on TV, in the news, and yes, on the internet! They are telling you all the time – be careful, you never know “who” you are talking to. We tell our children, our grandchildren – be CAREFUL. But being on Adam’s site – did WE listen?

Is it something about Adam that made us feel safe?

Is it because other people love him that we feel , we can relate?

Adam is an open, honest, warm man with a huge heart. He loves and it comes back to him in droves. HE makes you feel safe. HE makes you feel love. HE makes you feel it’s ok to reach out and touch someone! Isn’t that what he says in “Aftermath”? Tell someone they are beautiful.

Have we gotten caught up in the lyrics? Tell someone they are beautiful? Has that changed our preception of the internet? How many of us would walk down the street and actually say to someone “My, you’re beautiful”? Not many, if any! BUT being on the internet, in the safety of your own home, with a little animity, we feel a little easier saying it to someone else. And saying it to people we have!

Discussions have started in numerous threads….people come into threads regularly. WHY? Have they seen something in the discussions that they can relate to? Have they found people who actually take the time to “LISTEN”. That’s what you do on the internet – you LISTEN! It’s not like in RW – where your mind can wander – here you have to READ and then you react.

But come into threads we have. I think we all realize what is happening is that like people attract like people. Adam is doing that – attracting people just like him. And with that so are we!

I have been in many threads over the past two years and in them all I see people who are alike -Same interests, same personalities and same loving ways. Like people attract like people!


 3rd roundtable discussion



When we are young there is a spirit of adventure of what lies around the next corner…… the world is spread out in front of us, we feel it is ours for the taking. Time marches on, we march with it, packing and unpacking the baggage of our lives…some baggage is packed so beautifully that it doesn’t need to be repacked. It is packed just how we like it, all neat and filled with our most precious things. Then there is the baggage that has been over packed, it’s heavy with worries, with responsibilities, bursting at the seams with things we never intended to pack when we were young ……Adam came along and said “Hey you don’t need that many bags, empty those heavy ones, come on a trip with me……I’ll set you free” in fact he said it was okay for me to unlock the suitcase I had locked away many years ago. That locked suitcase was full of joy and all the things I loved in my youth and who I really loved being. When I opened it…. out jumped the freaky loving me, Rocky Horror loving me, Bowie loving me, Janis Joplin loving me, you get the idea. Adam helped me to realize I can let go of the baggage that was over packed, burdensome, unproductive and weighing me down.
I also realized with Adam’s help it’s never to late to make new friends, friends that have the same mind frame, friends that are moving forward in time. He taught me it’s OK to leave behind those that never grew in the direction you grew.Some people stop growing, they’ve become who they are….. they are their final selves…….I’m still growing, I’m not my final self, I never want to be and Adam has taught me that’s a good thing a very good thing.


March 2009 ~  Life is fine, I have a few good friends to hang out with, a good job, nothing will ever change, it’s gonna be like this for the rest of my life. I’ve experienced and seen a lot in my entire life, nothing will ever excite me.  Music? They’re crap! I’ll stick to the Classics.  Friends? I came across a lot and narrowed it down to a few, that’s it, I will never make any new true friends. If I died this day, I don’t think I will miss much.

April 2009 ~  Who the heck is this guy on AI?? What’s his name? Where did he come from? Does he really exist in the world I live in? Wow, that’s something worth living for, LOL. Adam Lambert, hmmm, sweet! His good look,  his smiles, his laughs, his charisma and his humbleness are to die for. Damn! Is this for real? Never knew that kind of qualities exist in a man. Holy Shit! And he has the best vocals I’ve ever heard in my entire life.  Pinch me! Sorry for all the men I met, you’re nowhere close, ROFL. Hmmm, let’s check this Adam guy out on AI site and YT. Oh wow, I like everything I see. 2009 Summer Tour? I love watching every concert on Ustream, even won a t-shirt for answering a question, LOL. My RW friends are rolling their eyes and say I’ll get over this soon, my last idol was David Cassidy, that’s how old I am, LOL, idol admiration is for young people only. NOOOO !!!!! He’s not just an idol. He’s like my baby,  I’m angry when he doesn’t win AI which he so deserved, I defend him when I hear any negative comments about him, I’m frustrated when he’s not recognized for his talents, I’m happy when he’s happy, and I worry when he’s not. I had no experience with being a parent, but I think I have experienced every feeling a parent had for their kids. Wow! The Universe works wonders! I feel what a parent feels 🙂

March 2010 ~ MamaH?  Who’s she? Hmmm, I’ve been posting randomly on other threads and no one cared to listen to me LOL ,  I’ll stick to voting and requesting. What does it take to get FYE back on the radio? LOL, that’s my first question in MamaH’s thread when it dropped off the playlists. There it goes, making more friends along the way. MMTop10/20 was a blast with joy and hiding under my desk, afraid to refresh my screen to see where Adam’s at. I had another blast with dylangirl working on Rock in Rio. It was fun getting Adam ahead of a lot of big acts. The whole time I was hoping Adam would perform with Queen in Rock in Rio 2011. Well, I’ll keep dreaming. Then comes along MP that adamdevotion brought to us. I knew about MP but seldom vote on it, too much trouble dragging Adam to the box and what the heck are those friggin French words!! Thanks to adamdevotion for the  instructions, I started voting and Yay! it gets easier and more voting buddies coming on board, we’re getting Adam to No.1, WWFM, IIHY, SW. Those_eyes came along and reports play by play of what’s showing on TV and keeping us updated on the percentages. Wow, before I knew it, I’ve made close to 20 close friends here. Really? I can make new close friends?

At the same time, my company is going through big changes with merging with other companies and turning into a big corporation as it seems to be the trend, the workload was pouring in. Everyone in my company was stressed out. Ha, I was so focus on voting for Adam and on my BSC voting buddies that I didn’t even take those changes in my company so seriously, I seemed to be the happiest person in the company, LOL. My job used to be my main focus in life, and now it’s  just a job to make me money to enjoy my life in Adamland, LOL. I’m so thankful to Adam for leading me to all of  you, everyone of all of you are true dear friends. There’s no way of us ever crossing path without Adam. Is this destiny? Is this all meant to be? Is this because of Adam? Whatever it is, my life is complete,  I can’t ask for more. Oh, shouldn’t say that! I have one wish. My wish is to attend an Adam concert with all of you . That will be the perfect period at the end of the sentence as Adam put it  🙂


  Adam has helped me in so many ways, I hardly know where to begin.Just a couple months before American Idol Season 8 started, my husband passed away from cancer.During the day I kept busy doing the things that had to be done, but the evenings were the most difficult to adjust to him not being here.I turned on AI one evening and the judges were narrowing it down, so I sat there watching and Adam stood out so much from the others.When he sang “Satisfaction”, I grabbed my phone and got in as many votes as possible in the 2 hours allowed.Each week I looked forward to AI time and then voted.The weeks went by and I became more and more adjusted to my new situation, though I still had lots of down spells.Then AI ended and I felt myself becoming more lonely.People kept telling me I should get a computer, but I didn’t think I knew enough about them to use one and never really had the desire to learn.Then I found out there was a lot about Adam on the internet.Long story short, I now spend lots of time on my computer.I signed into AO in September 2009, was lurking there before that.Through AO I have met some of the sweetest best people one could ever hope to meet and I now have many dear friends there.My hours are never lonely.I can go to my computer and fill my time in Adam World with my wonderful friends there.I probably never would have had the interest or motivation to ever get a computer if it hadn’t been for Adam.Now I can’t imagine life without it.

     Also, I really had lost interest in music till Adam came along.Much of the music of today just seemed like noise to me.Now I play Adam’s music everyday.I feel younger than I did before because of it.

     So, not only did Adam help me adjust during a very difficult time in my life.He gave me many wonderful new friends.He helped me love music again and he makes me feel younger than my years.He brought me into the world of computers.Not many people could do that much for another person.I owe him so much.


Adam has helped me in seeing it’s okay to let go of all of life’s uncertainties

To learn to tap into my heart and listen to what it is saying to me

I had been struggling with a few things when Adam came along

A friend whom I thought I knew…I really didn’t know at all

Funny how along life’s journey we learn who our real friends are

Who really get’s us…and who’s there for us through the storms in our life

I felt like I was a ship that had been battered, and my sails were torn

Then along came Adam and he turned out to be my anchor

When I first laid eyes on Adam…I thought to myself

Now there’s someone who has it all together

He is true to himself, never compromising his values in any way

Adam helped me to get to that point in my life…the it get’s better part

Through this amazing  journey Adam has me on

Not only have I learned to trust I have made friends who have helped me

These friends were there for me when I needed someone the most

I won’t name names here, you know who you are…I love you  for it so much

There was nobody I could talk or turn to for the longest time

Things I had to hold in were eating away at me…I felt like I was drowning

To think it is all because of Adam it  was possible for me to let go

To allow myself  to reach my hand out in complete total trust

Adam has helped me to not be afraid of what I’m holding inside

To know that it will be alright…all of my fears & worries are no more

I’ve tossed them into the glitter…for it will be alright in the aftermath

Through this amazing beautiful young man I’ve met the most beautiful women

Made an amazing wonderful group of friends

Along with feeling like a teenager all over again

I never want to lose this sense of wonder and excitement

just a fan

There was a time in my life when i was a little shaky. I had lost both of my parents within weeks of each other and then a couple years after that , my marriage of 32 years ended. these people that i lost had been 3 of the most important people in my life. i consider myself to be a very strong person and i have a loving family that offered so much support.
I even tried dating again but that just wasn’t for me. I found that by the time you reach my age…there is a good reason why the guys are single!!! I also have good friends that i could talk to..but there were times that i felt lonely, a little lost and sometimes, unloved. There is something in Adam, when he sings and when he speaks, that makes one feel that he is speaking or singing only to you. He is reassuring, caring, strong and self-worthy. he makes you want to be all these things too. I have met wonderful people because of Adam. I know sometimes some of my family and friends don’t understand but it’s easy to feel alone even in a group of people and Adam has taught me how to stand up for myself, be proud of who i am and to join in the group and “be a part of”. I know, somewhat, what Carolyn is saying…I lost my husband too…not to death, but the loss was always there. i filled up that empty spot with all things Adam and i am totally happy with my life, my family, my friends, all of you and above all….Adam! I think my dad had a hand in this….he was Adam, also and he was a great believer in being yourself. He used to tell all of us, “you be you and let them be them!” I think he would’ve liked Adam….actually I really think he does!!!!!

1st roundtable discussions


It brought tears to my eyes watching Adam singing Tracks Of My Tears again. The part that I love is when Adam asks Smokey what had inspired him to write the song……Adam’s reaction was one of those moments for me, when I knew the heart of Adam Lambert even a little better. I remember when that happened, my husband and I looked at each other and said…..Wow no one else asked a question like that…..Adam wanted to know from where the feeling came from when Smokey wrote this song, and wanted to convey that feeling, thus honoring Smokey’s intent and letting the audience feel what had inspired it……that is that special talent Adam has…. connecting with his audience on such a personal and emotional level.

The McDonald vid was nice, first time seeing this young man for me…..nice, entertaining and he’s cute……but not does not convey the words of this song in the emotional way they should be conveyed.


I remember Adam said in one interview ( I don’t know which one) that for the longest time he didn’t know what everyone was talking about in songs. He was referring to being in love.. But once he was in love he said oh, that’s it. At that point once he was in love he knew what the feeling felt like and could relate to that feeling, that emotion. I think it’s good we were introduced to Adam after he experienced love so we get the benefit of the feeling he is conveying

I wanted to express some other thoughts about Adam’s emotions in his songs. Today MamaH and I have talked about how Adam just glows. I know others have talked about this in the past. Adam’s second tattoo was the infinity sign and he said it was a symbol of how our energy and his just feed off of each other.Well Adam I believe has an aura which goes out and picks up the auras of his audience. He has said that he gets caught up and lost in some of his performances. He talked about this in one of his interviews after he performed on Idol this month. He said some of his best performances are when this happens. His soul seems to come forward during these performances and it connects with our soul. He said he gets caught up but many a fan of Adam’s has commented how they were mesmerized when he performs. It’s as if time is suspended. I remember talk about him coming to at the end of several of his performances on Idol. It was like he was coming out after being hypnotized. Adam is the only one in my 61 years I remember being so connected to. That’s why I think we support Adam so much. In a way we have all become one in a spiritual sense. Had to post these thoughts when it came to me.


There is definitely something to the … when Adam sings. He oozes with feeling!! It is genuine and believable unlike other singers where you know they are just singing the song. The tears he shed when he sang. The expressions on his face where so telling. All I know is when I hear his voice it makes me happy and I smile. That is why I love him. I can listen to him over and over and over and never tire. There definitely is some kind of light or aura around him that just draws you too him. He makes you feel at peace when you meet him. He has a rather calming effect. When you see him live you can’t take your eyes off of him. There is that something!!


I feel that Adam draws from experiences in his own life and is singing about that. Here is an example. Rob C. (I think it was him) was working with Adam on Can’t Let You Go. When Adam was in the studio recording that song – he blew Rob away. Rob said in an interview, and don’t ask me where it is….maybe I could find it…. but he said Adam was on HIS KNEES singing that song , near the end. Rob has NEVER seen or heard ANYTHING like it – it was like Adam put his whole heart and soul in that song. Now was Adam singing that about his EX? Probably – Adam has such feeling – that is what makes him such a good singer – he gets it across and we FEEL his pain

I too, agree that it was good that Adam had discovered love AND even heartache. It moulds you and can make you feel so deeply. I do think Adam “Feels” much more than some people. Maybe being an artist it helps. They say people who are artistically inclined feel things more. My daughter is a good example. She is very talented and feels things like Adam. Adam is a performer and some of that comes through, but you can’t pretend with feelings.


When I listen to Adam sing

All I hear is what he is speaking to us

Adam sings each note with his whole heart

He never sings anything half heartedly

There is not one emotion he cannot stir in us

Adam awakened me from a lull that I was in

The difference between Adam & many of today’s artists

He believes and he feels

What he is relaying through his music

He makes the ultimate connection to all

When I hear many artists today there is no connection

For me the connection to Adam was instant

The connection came even before he sang

His beauty radiates through him from the inside out

There is this vulnerability in him that melts my heart

Adam has seen both sides of the coin

Love & heartache…when he sings of heartache

There is not a dry eye to be seen

There is a river of tears left behind

When he sings of love…there is not a smile missing

There is nothing but a ray of sunshine shining

Then the river is dried up

And a beautiful bloom of flowers springs forth

As I’ve said before

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take

But by the moments that take our breath away

Adam does this to me each & every time

He truly is the brightest star we see in the sky at night

Adam is our shelter in the storm

Adam will not miss an opportunity

For he is spreading his wings and soaring. There is a common thread in our feelings. It is that of Love, Joy & Happiness Along with pride . We are so proud of Adam. For he stays true to himself in his personal life . Along with who he is as an artist. Just as @dylangirl said…it was not always easy for Adam. Adam said himself you have to learn to love yourself . Adam is at that place in his life. I believe that is where his beautiful aura comes from. For he is at a peaceful happy place in his life. It comes out through his music and his genuine beauty. That smile of his…so sexy playful and gorgeous. That laugh of his….what a wonderful heartfelt laugh. You can do nothing but smile when he laughs\


What can i add to that except a ditto. Some of you talked about a glow that comes from Adam and you are so right. When Adam first sang BR on AI my mother said “There is your winner”. I asked her why would she say that when she hasn’t heard the others. She said ” It’s more than the voice, he has a light coming from him.” I’ll never forget it as long as i live and she never did not even after she had a stroke. Ahhh I’m all misty now so I’ll go vote


When I was Tokyo GNT, I was in the front row, very close to the stage. I saw Adam’s tear when he sang Soaked.I thought first I was mistaken it to sweat, but he was crying.and witnessing that made my heart ached so much for him.For the past 2 years pretty much all I listen is Adam and never got tired of it.I still get teary eyes when I listen, Broken Open (which always remind me my late mother), Soaked, Can’t Let You Go, If I Can’t Have You, SleepWalker, WWFM DTRH and Strut never fail to make me giggle, IIHY, SFW and Pick U Up I sing along loud and it make me happy!All those emotions Every and Each time for 2 years! What can I say about that? Obsession? Addiction? Madness?Don’t care whatever it is, because I feel alive when I listen to him.I drew strength from his songs and voice. Feel saved by his existence. I really do think, he is an Angel in disguise, that’s why we see aura around him. And I thank to the God that he has given Adam to us


I even find that Adam is not only one true artist with huge talent and deep desire but also that what he performs on stage is nothing then the truth. I never feel like that he is just acting. No actor can be that good. There have been many, many unforgettable minutes for me since the first time I saw Adam on the AI stage, but for me the ones I will never forget are when He performed WLL at Fantasy Springs. He was in His own world and just pulled all of us into one epic moment. There was a magical energy in every note he sang. He later had many more moments in more concerts like that one, but this was the first time, and I never thought it could be possible. They are still times when I feel like being in a fairytale and all that is to good to be true. He definitely did put a spell on me!


Just got home and decided to stop by…@MamaH thanks for posting all those wonderful feelings……everyone touched on so many beautiful feelings that we all feel in our hearts, how Adam personally touches each and every one of us. @MamaH, I too believe Adam comes from a place in his own life.

The path Adam has been on in life has not always been kind to him. People other than ourselves could very well look at Adam and be mislead in their own minds by outward appearances. Adam is handsome beyond reason, although it was not always so. Adam is self-assured, although it was not always so. Adam is comfortable in his sexuality, although it was not always so.

Adam can and does feel what others feel. Upon seeing Adam up close, my husband made a remark to me…….”He’s so kind, so empathetic, it’s like he has an aura around him”…… As so many of you remarked.

Empathetic:….. of characterized by empathy

Empathy:……….. the projection of one’s own personality into the personality of another in order to understand the person better; ability to share another’s emotions, thoughts or feelings.

It is my belief that what Adam has endured during his life has made him able to empathize, to touch each of us with emotions. Those emotions tap into whatever we ourselves have had to endure, we look at ourselves and say… “Why am I crying?”…….you’re crying because Adam knows you and you know him. Adam comes from a REAL place. He conveys to us his heart and we listen so openly with ours.

Not many artists can achieve that connection with their audience, they are few and far between….Adam happens to be one of them.

Thanks @milkywayfairy for inspiring us to touch on this subject and your wonderful idea. I have a weird schedule and never know when I’m working until the last minute…..but would love to hear everyone’s ideas and thoughts on Adam whenever possible…’s so fascinating and you all are so passionate….it makes for good conversation and exchange of ideas.


OMG, I just read thru the roundtable thoughts from today. You all found so true and wonderful words for Adam! There is really nothing left to add, I only feel what everyone said. It seems to be our all story how we did fall in love with him and never getting tired to stay in it!

Mama, what you said about the difference between a singer and an artist it is something I once wrote to Leila, and sending a mail back with very nice words she totally agreed. I even find that Adam is not only one true artist with huge talent and deep desire but also that what he performs on stage is nothing then the truth. I never feel like that he is just acting. No actor can be that good. There have been many, many unforgettable minutes for me since the first time I saw Adam on the AI stage, but for me the ones I will never forget are when He performed WLL at Fantasy Springs. He was in His own world and just pulled all of us into one epic moment. There was a magical energy in every note he sang. He later had many more moments in more concerts like that one, but this was the first time, and I never thought it could be possible. They are still times when I feel like being in a fairytale and all that is too good to be true. He definitely did put a spell on me!


I see that you’ve had discussions about Adam and how he expresses the emotions of the songs… I could say ditto to all that’s been said so far, and here’s what I have to add, in my own experience & believes… I hope I’m able to express it well…

I think it’s a combination of many things, some of which we can’t express in words, we can only feel it… Part of what makes him so special I think is his life experiences, the way he was brought up, and the fact that he’s a true artist in his heart… I also believe, and that’s me, I’m not asking anyone to believe in that, but I think that Adam has an old soul. We can see it in his eyes, we can feel it when he sings. All of that makes him who he is today, and that’s why he’s able to reach deep within to feel each words of the songs. That’s also why he has this ability to bring you in his world and to make you feel at peace when you meet him. Add to everything his amazing theatrical skills and omg…

The first time I heard Soaked, I wasn’t expecting that… I stopped everything, listened to his voice and the words, and started crying when I heard “…and you’ve had enough, searching for love…” omg how that speaks to me and I wasn’t able to hear it without crying for a long time… I saw 4 concerts and the one that was the most intense for me was the balloon festival in St-Jean because I was up front… When he sings Soaked, I go completely quiet (really have a hard time with people screaming during that song) and concentrate on him and his voice. At that concert, when that moment came, I felt I went in a trance, blocking the screams around me (and you all know there was a lot of screaming there). Towards the end, when he walks up front, I’m looking in his eyes, my arms on the gate and my hands under my chin in a prayer like position, tears in my eyes, completely silent… he looks around and he catches a glimpse of me, you can see him look down a few times in this clip, I’m probably the only one there that doesn’t move or say a word and I’m sure he saw that… it was sooo intense….


Chat, I wish I can express as well as you did of those moments when you listened to Adam sings live. Trance is exactly what it was for me, the physical world disappeared around me, I was in a different place where his emotions become mine, I could feel his different kinds of emotions ~ sadness, happiness, frustration, excitement, playfulness, heartbreak and many more, no real world exists around me, I am the feelings. I don’t think I even realized I have a physical body in those moments, LOL. It was a pretty wild experience. That may explain why I was so emotionally drained after his concerts.


I just watched Broken Open from FS again. I remember how much he moved the audience with it. It was the night when Hking told us her husband did fall in love with Adam because of this performance.

The one He is crying during soaked – when I remember it right – is the one in LA on Dec 15th on his second last show. I found that concert one of his most emotional ones He ever did. He was back in His home town and it seemed so aware of the faced that the concert tour did come so close to end. The audience was amazing that night sharing those shivering vibes He was sending out. I have downloaded that whole concert as one of my most favorite ones.


When Adam sings, he puts his heart

and soul in each and every performance.

He feels the songs and expresses

his emotions, whether pain, happiness,


When Adam performs, he is not in this

plane. I think he goes into a different

zone ~ He remembers / re-lives the

experiences he went through when he

sings a song and he puts his heart out

there for all to see. Nothing held back

When I saw Adam perform “Soaked”

in Singapore on the second day of F1,

we were very close to the stage and I saw

his every expression, and tears were

running down his cheek. I cried with him

and for him because I could see and

feel his pain. @Milkyway, was at the Tokyo

performance with you when Adam became

really emotional singing Soaked and

had to go off stage for a bit. My heart

broke for him too.

 And this one, gets me every time.

It never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

You just want to go up there and give him

a big hug!!

I agree with what each and everyone

of you has said. @debbielynn, your

post is poetry and it was so beautiful

I cried when I read it. All I can say is


Broken Open during Singapore Promo

stopped my heart. It was breathtakingly

beautiful. Even with just his voice (we

were a bit far to see all the expressions

on his face), the tone, just the pure emotion

he carried through his voice only..

just soared from and to the heavens

Some of you have said that Adam has an old soul and I agree because he is so perceptive, sees and understands so much. But at the same time, he is sometimes so innocent and childlike and so trusting that you just want to shelter and protect him from everything. Adam reminds me so much of The Little Prince. I shared with some of you that at my last M&G with Adam during the GNT in Tokyo, I gave Adam the book, The Little Prince. He, like The Little Prince, goes around trying to spread love and understanding across the Universe and yet, people are so blind and refuse to see. And worse, say bad and hurtful things about Adam. I can’t stand those

I wrote in the flyleaf that Adam is our (the voting Glamberts) Glittery Prince from Planet Fierce and that he has our unconditional love and support (and as @adamaze mentioned ~ we are his soldiers).

So, when I look up in the sky and see a bright, beautiful star, it always makes me think of The Little Prince and our Glittery Prince, Adam.


I also believe Adam has an old soul. He has so much knowledge, vision, patience, understanding, etc. that seems to belie his age in years. When I was commenting on how Adam conveys his emotions to us I mentioned that I think his aura or soul or spirit, which I think is his inner energy, comes to us and catches our own aura or soul or spirit, in essence our energy and we fuse and become one in that moment. This is why so many fans comment about being mesmerized during his performances. He has a special gift and we are the recipients of that gift. It can sooth our own soul and that’s why we want to see and hear him repeatedly. It is like an addiction but a good addiction. An addiction of love and understanding. Like I said in my other comments we become one in spirit. I truly believe Adam is a gift to the world and I hope the whole world will be open to the gift he is giving us.


Testing…testing…1…2…3…!  This is so long already and it’s not even done, but I wanted to put something in here and I’ll be back to finish up!

Those of you that know me well, realize a question like “How does Adam make you feel?” will typically elicit a response something along the lines of “UNF”, “thud”, or “flail” and inevitably degenerate quickly into a discussion of the epic qualities of his eyes, hair, or even more often, the glambulge.  But in the spirit of a more in-depth discussion on the REAL reason we all love Adam I’ve given this question quite a bit of thought.  Originally, I started thinking about how each individual song made me feel and the emotions Adam is able to convey.  WWMF makes me feel pensive.  FYE makes me feel sexy.  Sleepwalker makes me feel broken.  Pick U Up makes me feel free.  Voodoo makes me feel dreamy.  WLL makes me feel…well, see above.  OK, great.  Adam can make us feel all of these varied emotions, but we already knew that.  So I started thinking about the common thread in all of these feelings and realized that it’s not what he makes us feel, but that he makes us feel.  And feel deeply.  How?  He transports us.  Ultimately, when I listen to Adam’s music or watch Adam perform, I feel transported; transported to another time, to another place, to another world.  Many of you have touched on this feeling and I’d like to explore it more as I believe it is truly the essence of why we are so enchanted with this incredible man’s voice.

So, when I say that Adam transports us, what do I mean? 


Late 14c., from O.Fr. transporter “carry or convey across” (14c.), from L. transportare, from trans- “across” + portare “to carry” (see port (1)). Sense of “carry away with strong feelings” is first recorded 1509.

Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper

1)      To transfer or convey from one place to another

2)      To carry away with strong and often intensely pleasant emotion

The idea of being taken to another place by Adam’s voice isn’t a new one in this fandom.  Our “glittery alien” has taken us to “Planet Fierce”; we’ve gone “down the rabbit hole”, and “fallen into the glitter”.  We love it and we never want to come back.

So how does he do it?  How does he cast this spell over us time and time again?  Sure, he has a beautiful voice with an incredible range wrapped in a gorgeous package, but there must be more to it than that…

Adam himself talks about this phenomenon when describing his Infinity Tattoo:

“It is all about energy and the energy I get from my fans. When I am onstage and the fans feed me their enthusiastic energy, I am able to feed off of it and give it right back to them…it’s all about the energy flow”.

When Adam performs, there’s a true exchange of energy and emotion between him and his audience.  That’s why he’s so much better live.  He shares his gift with us, we graciously accept it and in turn inspire him and throughout this exchange his music is elevated to new and dizzying heights.  When Adam sings, he goes there and he takes us with him.

I first became aware of this phenomenon during Adam’s Gridlock performance of Soaked.  He literally appears to go into a trance while performing the song – I remember even feeling a bit uneasy watching this performance the first few times because of the intensity of the emotion he displays.  (Sorry for the poor audio quality.  See especially 2:35 – 3:18):

Granted, many of you probably recognized this much sooner than I did.  Confession time – I don’t watch AI and I didn’t “discover” Adam until I stumbled upon him during some AI reruns.  This phenomenon is most clearly displayed during his AI performances with Mad World.  You know, the one that left everyone, including Simon Cowell speechless?  Adam begins quietly, seated all alone – a mere ghost enveloped in a pale blue glow.  Slowly, the music builds and he wraps us all in this wet, foggy sonic blanket and as the song crescendos he stands and his voice soars transporting us all to his Mad World.

2nd roundtable discussions


My sister in Hawaii called me one day in 2009 and told me to check this guy out on AI. I never watched AI, but I did that night. I didn’t even remember what name my sister said, but the moment I looked at the group of contestants, Adam stood out. I don’t remember him singing that night, so it must be the night for the results. My first thought was, Gosh! he’s gorgeous. And when he talked, there’s something magical about his voice, the way he speaks, his smile, his laugh, wow, he was already perfect beyond belief, and I hadn’t even heard him sang.  I checked out his previous performances on the AI site and was blown away. The next week, he sang Mad World, Holy Heaven! It was pure ecstasy. That’s it, it was him, it almost felt like I recognized him and he’s the one. I watched Adam every week from then on, and after AI, I started googling all his interviews and was on the computer a lot, I thought I was crazy, it was a very strange time in my life. Little did I know that I wasn’t alone, LOL. It is truly amazing that so many of us from different parts of the world and different walks of life expressed the same feelings for Adam. It has to be the bright light of his beautiful soul that draws people to him.


I saw many people leaving comments on AI after every weeks performance, but it took me a long time to feel confident enough to admit my feeling, even to myself, and make some posts. I finally started to open up more after AO was up and I found the Kitchen Knight thread. Everybody there gave me some encouragement to just write what ever and how ever. My written English was still in a very bad shape at that time, never got much of a chance to practice outside just talking it. I missed lots of words to express my feelings and thoughts, still today I think I do, but also because for some things Adam puts us into emotions they are simply no words made for.


I knew Adam was the one the moment I laid eyes on him.The moment he came around the  corner into the audition room. I looked right into his beautiful gorgeous eyes.  Then I turned to my husband and I said that’s it…. he’s the one.  My hubby said, how can you say that he hasn’t even sang a note yet.  I didn’t need to hear Adam sing a note… he had the wow factor. There was this light glowing from Adam a beauty no other contestant ever had. A beauty no other contestant would ever have again.  I didn’t even pay attention to his name at first… I was so mesmerized by his beauty.He was the guy with his hair hanging over to the side. The guy with a smile that melts your heart.   The guy with a laugh that comes from deep within…such a beautiful contagious laugh . Then it happened… the heavens opened… and I heard Adam’s angelic voice.   I looked at hubby again and said OMG he’s singing Bohemian Rhapsody.  Not only did Adam sing it…he owned it he sang it beyond this universe.    I was left speechless, shaking, crying & ooh the goosebumps.   Once he made it through I called my mom…she knew why I was calling.   At this point I still didn’t catch Adam’s name.  I said to my mom that’s it, he’s your winner…they can call it a wrap right now .    Adam had the whole package AI had been searching for all these years .     He has a voice like no other, his beauty radiates out of him, he is filled with charisma. My mom knew exactly what I was feeling…she laughed at me and said these words.  I’ve seen one other singer like this young man before…his name was Elvis Presley  Adam had me at “I’m not skered”  Now the rest is history.  Adam has me on this amazing wonderful journey.  A Journey I never want to see end.  Many artists have come into my life.  Some for a reason.   Adam has stolen a piece of my heart


The moment I knew Adam was the one was when he sang Ring of Fire.  I had really liked him up until that point. I couldn’t wait to see what he was going to sing every week.  But he took my heart at that moment when he sang Ring of Fire.   I thought Holy Sh#t!!  I knew the man was something else. I felt like Kara did.  It was strange but made me very happy.  I knew then I was totally hooked and wanted more.  Larry also could not believe that performance.  He loved it as well. He was the whole package.  I became really obsessed.  Then when he lost I started searching for everything Adam. I couldn’t understand why he didn’t win. I stumbled upon Ao and have been there ever since.


A question usually reserved for our spouses, lovers, partners, fiance or fiancee……but in this case……is it perfectly normal to ask such a question when it comes to Adam Lambert? Personally I believe so….the feelings Adam Lambert stirs in us naturally brings us to ponder the question. Adam is more than a singer of song to us……much more.

I too knew Adam was special the moment he walked around the corner to greet the judges, he had not said a word, he had not sang a note, but he had a swagger about him, and I was interested. He was blessed with the chance to start on his path. He held up his “Golden Ticket”, he joyously ran up the sidewalk, his body twirling, his messenger bag following him. This man had not only swagger, but joy… I was REALLY interested!

I know Jim Morrison said “No time to wallow in the mire”, but I was wallowing in it big time by the time Adam had made it through several performances. During this time I started investigating this mysterious young man named Adam Lambert…….while doing so I found my MOMENT OF TRUTH….of knowing Adam was “The One”….my investigaing had revealed my greatest fantasy….Adam Freaking Lambert dressed in black feathers, getting his full freak on, singing “A Change Is Gonna Come”…..I played it over and over, tranporting myself back to my former self. I was wallowing even deeper in the mire and even the ghost of Jim Morrison ws not going to stop me!!! This mire was simply the sexiest mire to ever wallow in……and God the man could sing too!!!!!

Adam was “The One”. He had licked the envelope for me with the Zodiac performance….then turned around, sealed it shut, and put my name on it with his finale performance. Adam can get his freak on anytime for me…..he is “The One” or better yet on a higher level…. “The Chosen One”….. for us his devoted fans.


dylangirl I was like you.   The moment Adam appeared around the corner – I was hooked.  I actually think it was his smile!    Oh what a smile!   It lit up his whole face!   Those eyes, I was done!   🙂  When he spoke…”I’m not skerd” , it was over!   He hadn’t even sung yet.     The hair hanging down his face, those eyes, that smile — the most intriquing young man I had EVER seen.     Then a magical thing happened – he opened his mouth and sang.   What a treat he all gave us.. just a little taste of what was to come.

I remember the Hollywood week and couldn’t believe what he sang …. Cher’s I Believe.  Another jaw dropper.   LOL.  After that I couldn’t wait – was sitting on pins and needles looking to see which “room” he was in.   I was hoping he would get through.   Happily he did.

When Adam came out that first night and said he was singing “Satisfaction” I thought ohhh no…I never did like that song!   After his performance all I could do was sit on the couch and stare at the TV.   I have NEVER heard anyone sing like that before.   What a voice.  I knew in my heart that this young man with that hair, those eyes and that smile, along with that voice was going far.

Hubby was blown away with Mad World – but by then , for me it was all over.   Adam was going to win.     After the show what REALLY impressed hubby and I was how Adam carried himself in interviews.   Interview after interview he was articulate, humble and genuine!   Just what a Super Star should be!   🙂

But it was that hair, that smile and those eyes that found a way into my heart that day!  🙂


I remember the night I did fall in love with Adam very well. So far I only had watched AI beside doing something else , and it was only turned on because my girls liked to watch it. Since I don’t like country music at all I almost decided not to watch that week at all. But then some miracle happened that night. With the first few vocals Adam sang I had my head up from the book I was reading and kept glued to the TV. Guess my mouth might have been just wide open as I was stunned by what I saw an heard. For the first and only time in my life I loved a country music song, LOL.  It was also the night when I got the idea to look up for Adam on the net for the first time and also discovered the AI page. Very soon it did become my morning habit to go into all of Adams performances on the AI side to watch them over and over again. I found myself desperately waiting for each weeks new performance and figured out the pattern when they would be loaded up on the AI page , and when they would go up on itunes. It was the time when I did that all in the morning when my family was out of the house, since there was now way to even admit what I was doing. I was a bit a stranger to myself with the new emotions I got for Adam.


I used to watch AI regularly but stopped after a while because I got very busy.  Didn’t really watch the AI8 auditions, only saw some in passing.  Remembered my nieces discussing when watching Hollywood week results show that one group was not going in because Adam was not in the group.  I asked them which one was Adam and they told me, the gay one. That comment stuck in my mind but I still didn’t know which one was Adam.

Didn’t watch any episode until country week.  I happened to be home early and was watching the show with my nieces and nephews. Adam came out in all his glory singing Ring of Fire and my jaw just dropped to the floor., his voice, his presentation, so unique, so different and his stage presence ~ had goosebumps watching that performance.  I said to my nieces Adam would win and they said he wouldn’t because his is gay.  They told me about what happened the week before re the Bill O’Reilly incident ~ the Internet pictures of Adam kissing Brad, of Adam in drag.  I asked them what has his sexual orientation and his private life got to do with his singing but could see, even then, the reaction of the conservatives and mainstream people that Adam would have a difficult task ahead. I decided then that I would support Adam. At that stage, it was more a support the underdog thing for me.  Cannot stand discrimination in any form.

Then Adam sang Tracks of My Tears the next week, and that performance after Ring of Fire showed me what a phenomenally talented artist Adam is, that he could change things up so completely opposite to the week before and sang so beautifully, that performance made me cry.

And so it went , week after week, Whole Lotta Love, Mad World, A Change is Gonna Come etc.  I wanted Adam to win so much because he deserved to win – he was miles ahead of everyone on the show and Season 8 was a talented bunch.  I voted for Adam using IDD, read on the AI site how to vote from overseas etc (like what we are doing now, supporting and voting for him in whichever country that Adam needs support). But in my heart, I knew it was an uphill task because America was not ready for a gay American Idol (no matter how talented he is) and Kris Allen is from Arkansas – he had the support of the whole state and Adam coming from LA, would have no home support advantage.

After the finale, like LottaLov, I read everything I could find on Adam on the Internet, watched all his interviews, watched his pre-Idol performances and the Idol performances I missed and came to love Adam even more.  He is so intelligent, so down to earth, so witty and funny, and so nice to everyone that you cannot help but love him. When he laughs, I laugh with him, looking at his pictures make me smile ~ he is so out of this world gorgeous and sexy, it is unreal!!

..then AI8 Live Tour, watched every one of Adam’s performance on YT, all the pre-show interviews etc. and I am still doing that for Adam, reading everything about him on the Internet, opened a Twitter account just for Adam, supporting him as much as I can and watched every performance of GNT.

I have never been a fan of anyone as I have been and am still for Adam.  Adam is the first and will I know be the last for me.  For other artists, I just buy and listen to their music and go to their concerts.  But for Adam, well, you all know what we do for Adam!!  I truly believe that Adam will join the ranks of music icons like Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson, all legends in the music industry!!

To Adam, Thank you for being you!! Rock on our Sweet Glittery Prince!!


I don’t remember if I saw Adam’s audition on the original airing of Idol or not. I’m pretty sure I didn’t see the chair scene when the judges picked the top 36. I do know when Adam sang ‘Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ that I had a list of the performers that night and I drew an actual star by his name. His vocals were over the top, his performance skills were so professional and his eye contact into the camera were something else. He seemed so comfortable in front of the camera on TV. Every week I watched Idol on Season 8 waiting to see what Adam would do. Every week he never failed to surpass all expectations. When he sang ‘Ring of Fire’ I was dumb founded and thought he was a genius. I could go on about every performance he did on Idol. I started voting for him earlier then any other contestant on previous years. When he supposedly came in second to last place the one week I couldn’t believe it. I said to my husband you’ve got to be kidding. I never had gone on the American Idol site before but I started reading comments, viewing and reviewing all of Adam’s idol performances. When the top three went home I watched as much as I could on the computer the day Adam was in San Diego.
Needless to say I voted as much as I could on the final night and had my husband voting on his new cell phone. By the way, my husband could hardly get through that night to vote. When Ryan Seacrest announced that Kris Allen was the winner I couldn’t watch the TV any longer. I was devastated. Especially after the night’s performances when Adam was so much the star. He even outperformed the established performers that night.
What got me out of my sadness of him not winning the title was Adam himself. When something about the voting was brought up in an interview in New York City, the week after the final, Adam said I’m sure the voting was monitored correctly and for his fans just to chill out about it. I realized, even though I felt an injustice had been done concerning how the voting had been handled, that Adam was in a good place and was fine with it.
Right after the finals of Season 8 I not only went on the American Idol site but went on the Adam Official site the day it was started. And I’ve been on AO ever since. I never had had an I tunes account. But right after the final I had my son help me open an I tunes account so I could download all of Adam’s Idol performances, both the videos and the studio versions of the songs.
So I got to learn more and more about Adam through interviews, performances, magazines, etc. and I have followed him every day to this day. I’ve never felt this way about any other performer and will be a fan for life. His vocals, performance skills, openess, humor, honesty, looks, humility, intelligence, love and acceptance of all have me fascinated by him. Every day is a new adventure with him and I love to be on this adventure

just a fan

when I first saw Adam, I remember thinking how handsome he was….then when he spoke to the judges and was so articulate and polite(this was at his audition), I thought “oh my goodness, he’s not just cute…he’s so polite and intelligent too.” Then I watched him perform and I remember saying to my daughter, “Wow, this kid’s good!” Well as I continued to watch, throughout the season, he just got to me more and more with every performance.
I kind of became invested in him…really wanting him to succeed! I still feel the same way….Adam’s voice is very special…I’ve been around a while and I’ve heard some good singers but I really believe that Adam is in the category with Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. His voice is almost ethereal….much more than a gift…it is a treasure! I think we are watching a legend in the making and it is such a joy to be a part of it all. And , the icing on the cake is that we get to share this adventure with each other…people who feel the same way about Adam and his talent. I get so much joy from Adam and from all of you!


When did I know that Adam was the one… It was more of a gradual thing for me… It’s weird that I can’t remember exactly what he sang when I first saw him… I know that I missed the AI auditions and Hollywood week, so maybe top 13 or just before that… But I remember that when I saw him sing, he stood out for me, and I remember thinking “oh I think he’s going to win this, great voice, great stage presence, and really cute!”

Then came that night when he sang Ring Of Fire… He totally mesmerized me, his voice, the way he made the song his own, his stage presence, his sexyness… omg I was stunned and thought “Oh no, he’s not cute, he’s HOT!, Ok… now you REALLY got my attention mister!!” And week after week he managed to surprise me, he showed his many sides and his incredible voice range, always giving a special twist to each song. His version of Feeling Good… like ROF that performance flored me and brought me in even more… he looked so sexy and in control, and that note at the end… again WOW!! To this day those 2 performances still give me shivers.

When AI ended, and KA won, I thought that again America hadn’t voted for the talent and I was sad to see it happen, but not really surprised… But I knew in my heart that Adam would make it anyway, that he had gotten the attention he needed to start his career, and soon would come back with an album. I wasn’t much on internet back then, so it didn’t even occurred to me that I could have researched everything about Adam to get to know him better, didn’t even researched for the AI tour. It just wasn’t in me to go to that extent… but I WAS hooked because I kept going on the AI website, or Youtube, to view his AI performances over and over. Besides that I was just waiting for his album to come out.

That’s until I discovered AO and this whole new world appeared before my eyes! And that’s when everything became clear to me… Maybe I didn’t let myself go there at the time, during AI, but he was the one I was waiting for, he really made me want to listen to music again, and I became more and more involved in wanting to know more and wanting to support this incredible artist!


Even though UK is a small country, we have more than fair shares of reality TV programs and singing / dancing competitions on TV.. As you know we have our own X-Factor and Pop Idol etc. American Idol is televised ITV2 which is a minor channel of 500k average viewers and vaguely I recalled the first time I watched AI was the season David Cook was in, now I know it was Season 7 but at the time I had no flicking idea what-so-ever.

There was another David who looked bit wet (sorry if you are fan of him LOL) and David Cook who resembled to the singer who sings at our rail station time to time. They had good voice I give to them that, but performances and program itself were just boring. I think I watched 2 episodes and that was quite enough for me. (Must be very near to the final, coz I don’t remember any other contestants)

So I haven’t got even the slightest plan to watch any more American Idol then. But The FATE hit me squarely on my face one night… I was channel hopping and caught the word ‘Satisfaction’, so my curiosity won me over. I said to myself, “Oh No, No, no one can sing Satisfaction live. It’s a very hard song to sing live and sounds good. Not a karaoke friendly song at all. Ok it’ll be a fun to watch how badly they sang”

Then I saw this guy strutting the stage like a male model with perfect criss-cross cat walk movement I was gobsmacked. Ooohhh Myyy Goood, where did this guy come from… and started singing Satisfaction with The Voice so addictive and perfect!!!

When he finished it was like coming out from hypnosis, I know something happened to me, but didn’t know what. Now his name was tattooed in my brain. I started to watch the program there on. I know I was hooked, but it was so not me, so uncool to be hooked by American Idol!! and I wasn’t sure what to do with myself either.

Since we don’t normally watched the program, it was tricky for me to tune in every week without been noticed.. have to look casual, must look bored but watch it anyway stance…. you know? I couldn’t possibly admit myself that I have a crash on the guy who I saw only 2-3 minutes ??? On reality TV show??? Never!!

But let be honest, that was it. I was never same again ever since. Just like many of you, I have a long catalogues of ‘First Time in My Life’ after I discovered AFL. LOL. Joining a fan club (Good Heavens!!), surfing internet days and nights, watching every video available on Ytube, download anything he sang into my iPod and burned so many CD, posting to forums and blog-sites, open twitter account (epic!), went to his concerts without any thoughts and regards to anyone but me!!!!

His CD lives in my car for now 2 years, rent free. I have no intention of collecting tho.. He can stay as long as he wants! And I want him to be around as long as I live.

I don’t think it was Love, but something connected when the first time I saw him singing, more like ‘the first cut is deepest’ feeling. While watching and listening to him, so many feelings went through me like mega volt of current, like been struck by a lightning.. Frankenstein must felt similar shock LOL –

So I knew he is the ONE the first moment I saw him.